Answers for AWS

2023 Summary

The 2023 Answers for AWS survey ran from January 16 to February 15, 2023. This was born out of an idea at the 2022 AWS re:invent conference so this was the very first year and it was amazing to see the community pick it up. We came in just shy of our 10,000 responses goal, despite lots of great distribution, and so here are the results from the 331 people who responded. 🤞 next year we can get over 10,000!

The survey covered the following categories:

Some notable highlights include:

  • The most loved service is... DynamoDB 🎉. It had the highest positive/negative split of any service across any category.
  • GitHub Actions is by far the winner in the CI/CD category, with standout positive/negative split and the highest retention, even though Jenkins is the most widely used... still.
  • CDK is the dark horse - while not the most used, it has high retention of those who do use it (both IaC and Serverless), and the highest interest of all IaC tools.
  • AWS SAM, despite coming much later, has caught up to the original Serverless Framework, though more folks would use AWS SAM again, giving it the momentum.
  • While still new by cloud standards, EventBridge has strong usage, retention and interest as an event bus.
  • Despite a ton of marketing, SageMaker is at the bottom of the positive/negative split in the AI & ML category. Is it not living up the the hype?
  • The survey had a beautiful distribution of responses from people working at small to large companies.

If you want to do further analysis, the data is available in JSON format for anyone to use.
Download the data

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Thank you again for everyone who participated. I truly appreciate it. 🙏