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Answers for AWS is a third-party consulting company focused on helping businesses and people be successful by pushing undifferentiated heavy lifting to Amazon Web Services. There is no need for you to design your own storage system, manage a queuing service, or employ more engineers than you need. Keep your business lean, and get things done. Start here.

CloudNative, Bakery, and the future

Tuesday 07/29/2014
Well, it finally happened. I started a startup. It is called CloudNative. It turns out, humans don't scale. Well, at least I don't. I have thoroughly enjoyed consulting and helping clients for the last year and a bit. And writing open source code, recording video episodes, running the ... Read more

Help Wanted

Tuesday 04/08/2014
There comes a time when a good idea needs resources. That time has come. The time to build a team. I am looking for engineers who want to create the first AWS continuous deployment SaaS. I have been working on the Bakery for a little while now and have many ... Read more


Wednesday 03/12/2014
I'd like to tell you about a project I have been working on. I believe deploying fully baked AMIs has so many advantages over half-baked or raw deployments where things happen at boot time, that I want to make it easy for everyone to do. Netflix have been doing ... Read more

Monitoring in the Cloud

Tuesday 03/04/2014
At yesterday's Advanced AWS meetup on monitoring, someone asked if they need something like New Relic if they already have Stackdriver. My answers was "yes", but I wanted to dive deeper into why I think that. I consider there to be 3 different buckets/types of monitoring Infrastructure Application ... Read more

March 2014 events

Tuesday 02/18/2014
There are a few events worth checking out in March, so I though I should give you the heads up to get them on your calendar. The March 3rd event for the Advanced AWS Meetup is all about monitoring, and is hosted right in downtown San Mateo by the folks ... Read more

Advanced AWS Meetup - Anki

Tuesday 01/07/2014
The January 2014 Advanced AWS Meetup in San Francisco is only 2 weeks away, and there are only 23 spaces left before we need to wait-list people. This meetup is a little bit special, because Ben Whaley, the AWS Infrastructure Lead at Anki, will be taking you though how they ... Read more

Episodes on YouTube

Friday 12/27/2013
Originally, our screencast episodes were hosted on S3 and serve up using a generic HTML5 video tag. As an experiment, all videos are now available on YouTube, with each page using an embed. You can subscribe here: ... and the playlist for all episodes is here: ... Read more

Half Baked

Wednesday 11/27/2013
With Thanksgiving and the holiday season fast approaching, things are heating up in the kitchen. The best way to cook a turkey is to soak it in brine for a day before stuffing and putting it in the oven. No no, the best way to cook a turkey is deep ... Read more

Baking AMIs with Aminator

Episode #5 - 15 minutes - Monday 11/25/2013
There are many ways to build AMIs, and this episode will show you how to use the same process Netflix uses by using Aminator. We will then take it one step further, and build AMIs using the Ansible Provisioner as well. Watch now

We won a NetflixOSS Cloud Prize

Thursday 11/14/2013
This year's AWS re:invent conference was an amazing experience. My first Game Day, some excellent and long anticipated announcements by AWS, and the Answers for AWS logo (along with my pretty face) on the keynote big screen in front of 9000 attendees, and who knows how many on ... Read more

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