Open Source Projects

  • NetflixOSS is a collection of free to use projects including Asgard, Edda and Ice.

  • Ansible is a model-driven configuration management, multi-node deployment/orchestration, and remote task execution system.

  • AWS Labs contains a collection of code and libraries written by AWS. Here you will find the DynamoDB-Geo library.

  • DynamoDB Autoscaling is a Ruby gem for monitoring and autoscaling DynamoDB provisioned throughputs.

  • troposphere is a Python library to create AWS CloudFormation templates.

By Answers for AWS

  • Our NetflixOSS Resources make it easier to use the NetflixOSS suite of projects.

  • DistAMI gives you a very easy way to distribute Amazon Machine Images. Using this script, you can make the AMI (and underlying snapshot) public, as well as copy it to other regions.

  • Backup Monkey makes sure you have backups of your EBS volumes in case something goes wrong.

  • Graffiti Monkey tags various EC2 resources including instances, EBS volumes and snapshots.