Consulting & Training

Answers for AWS provides consulting and training to highly-technical through to non-technical people and teams, with material tailored to the requirements of the team.

AWS is 30+ services, each with 100s of features, which creates a steep learning curve. We can do broad overviews of the various services, dive deep into using AutoScaling Groups for EC2 instances inside a VPC, or any thing in between.

Use Cases

  • Hired a junior DevOps guy and need to get him up to speed with AWS? We can short-cut the learning process.
  • Have a seasoned DevOps guy that doesn't know AWS? Let us show them what Amazon Web Services has to offer, and what the best practices are.
  • Your team exploring the cloud? See how your requirements map to AWS.

Examples of how we can help

Application Architecture
  • Resilient to failure
  • Independently scalable
Datacenter Migrations
  • To AWS, from AWS, or hybrid
  • VPN tunnels
Security Evaluation
  • External exposure
  • Risk identification
  • Best practices
Cost Analysis and Optimization
  • Cost breakdown by users, applications and/or environments
  • Billing options and advice
  • Reserved instances guidance
Resource Optimization
  • Number of instances vs size of instances
  • Elastic scaling

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