Help Wanted

Help Wanted

There comes a time when a good idea needs resources. That time has come. The time to build a team.

I am looking for engineers who want to create the first AWS continuous deployment SaaS.

I have been working on the Bakery for a little while now and have many people signed up for the beta. I wasn't convinced the market was ready for this, but demand is telling me otherwise. It's time to ramp up.

The product so far is:

  • Ruby on Rails on the back, using the AWS Ruby SDKs (both versions), STS, CloudFormation, etc
  • On the front will be AngularJS (hooks in place, not started, greenfield)
  • The baking process needs to support Ansible (done), and Chef by popular demand (expert needed)
  • The CI integrations needed are CircleCi (done - those guys rock) and Jenkins (big, fat TODO). Later will be TravisCI, Bamboo and even a GitHub hook, for those that like the wild west.

If you have skills, the interest and the capacity to help in any of these areas, contact me and let's work something out. Part-time is fine.

Answers for AWS will not stay a consulting company. The goal is to create a software company with the mission of hiding the complexities of AWS. The Bakery is just the beginning. There are many cloud tools just itching to be built and productized. This is your chance to be one of the first on the team. Apply now.

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