March 2014 events

Big Event

There are a few events worth checking out in March, so I though I should give you the heads up to get them on your calendar.

The March 3rd event for the Advanced AWS Meetup is all about monitoring, and is hosted right in downtown San Mateo by the folks at Coupa (about 2 blocks from the Caltrain station). The event is sponsored by Stackdriver and will have 3 speakers talking about how they use Stackdriver, PagerDuty and Datadog.

On March 12, Netflix hosts their next NetflixOSS meetup where there will be lightning talks followed by dinner and a mini-expo hall (similar to previous events there).

The big event though is the AWS Summit in San Francisco. More details including free registration can be found here:

This is just a 1 day event on March 26 at the Moscone South building, and it looks like Andy Jassy will be giving the keynote (would have preferred Werner, but hey, its free).

I'll be at all 3 events, so if you want to chat, come and find me. Hope to see you there.

Tuesday 02/18/2014 at 04:10pm | Peter Sankauskas
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