Answers for AWS

2024 Summary

The second annual Answers for AWS survey ran from January 16 to February 16, 2024. Thanks to promotion from the amazing AWS community, participation was up 29% from last year - a total of 426 responses. It's tough getting folks to fill out a survey, but participation is trending in the right direction and the data is interesting nonetheless.

The survey covered the following categories:

Some notable highlights include:

  • The most loved AWS service is Simple Queue Service (SQS) with an overall positive/negative split of 98% 🎉.
  • Usage of AWS SAM has overtaken the original Serverless Framework in the Serverless category, but for the second year running CDK has the highest retention of all tools.
  • The most polarizing service is CloudFormation - 30% of respondents would not use it ever again, while 56% would.
  • GitHub Actions wins every metric in the CI/CD category.
  • While almost unknown in January 2023, OpenAI has taken the top spot away from Amazon Sagemaker in the AI & ML category.
  • People are generally happy with the current state of CI/CD but unhappy with the state of AI & ML.
  • Europe topped the charts beating out North America for number of survey responses - thank you!

If you want to do further analysis, the JSON data is available for anyone to use.
Download the data

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Thanks again to everyone who participated. I truly appreciate it. 🙏